The construction industry has made some major changes over the past ten years, let us explain why we stay so busy, and we guaranty our work.

Keeping traditional skills alive historic building restoration

KPW Developments has stayed a traditional Builder / Joiner by trade, with having 30 years of running Joinery and construction businesses, Dave Wilson, keeps to the old fashioned ways, but with up to date work and bespoke designs he makes.

Dave Wilson likes to restore old historic buildings, making him a specialist in this field across Merseyside, having constructed many historic jobs over the years, Dave is very good at recreating old frames, Joinery, floors, stairs, windows. It is hard to find qualified tradesmen these days who can still have the machine equipment and tools needed to qualify them for this restoration work.

Our ability to restore historic buildings and keep them in good repair depends on the survival of traditional craft skills employed using age-old materials.

This is a window that had been decaying over the years, when the people bought the house, It was listed, so had to be restored with matching replacements, Dave Wilson bespoke designed this frame to be matching with existing historic windows.

The success of a restoration project, particularly when it comes to listed buildings, sits squarely on the skills and experience of those employed to work on it.

It’s essential that everyone involved has empathy with the potentially fragile structure of an old building.

Keeping traditional skills alive historic building restoration

Plasterer, joiner and Specialist craftsmen

Each listed building needs the services of different craftsmen.

You will most likely employ a plasterer, but make sure you get the right one-traditional techniques do make a difference in preserving both the look and the integrity of a period house.

Specialist areas range from decorative moulding and lime plastering to more unusual treatments such as cob and wattle and daub.

An experienced joiner can help you narrow the gap between doors and windows that are true to period while also meeting the modern demands of thermal efficiency.

For the same reason, it’s also worth enlisting the services of specialist glaziers.

The more specialised and skilled the plasterer or cabinetmaker, the more faithful the final design will be

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