Dave Wilson has been busy this last couple of weeks with Glass office wall panel partitions and front office reception desk.

Glass office wall panel partitions on Wirral are bespoke designed and fitted by KPW Developments here on Merseyside, this particular job is for Concept Mortgages here in Heswal on the Wirral.

Firstly Dave did a full site survey of the premises, listened to what the owner had for Ideas, then went about bespoke designing the reception desk and office wall panel layout, Dave went with the colour choice in the Branding of the company, the reception desk will be painted with a light grey colour.

Glass office wall panel partitions on Wirral bespoke deigned by Dave Wilson and his KPW Developments at theirĀ workshop in wallasey, come visit or contact us

The reception desk is currently getting painted in the spray booth, before being installed at the job site, the front panel of the reception desk will have a branded company logo and added to a frosted glass design, attached to the front of the panel, and lit up by lights to give a glow effect and highlight the company name and logo design. Dave Wilson bespoke this job from the start, the Installation will be going ahead the week of 14th february 2017.

The was a call for glass wall panel design to divide the offices, which are located in one large room at the building in Heswal, the glass has been delivered, and will be constructed to wall dividers at job site, follow on story and pictures will be mid February, stay tuned for update.

These are the pre-job completion pictures: