KPW Joinery Manufacturing Wirral, where recently commissioned to make a bespoke dining table for a very special Christmas dinner, it was a tight deadline and the client really didn’t know what they wanted other than it was to be a circular and five feet in diameter to seat eight; ………     and something special and Unique

 Quite a challenge, not for Dave Wilson with over 40+ years in the Joinery business here on the Wirral, Merseyside.

Dave Wilson from KPW joinery manufacturing had a think and came up with a design, which having regard to the deadline was extremely ambitious but he likes a good challenge.  The client was to do the finishing / painting lacquering etc themselves easing the pressure a little.

First the wood had to be cut, planed, and prepared for the table.

After the wood preparation, Dave put the pieces together to see what the design would look like.

The dart shaped pieces were ready for the dining room table top, now the table base was constructed to hold the table top.

The end result of the bespoke dining table was a dart like effect in alternating walnut and ash with an ash centre, around the ash centre is a walnut inlay to separate the two timbers at this point.

The circumference of the table is edge banded in four laminated pieces of timber which have been bonded moulded and sanded in readiness for the client to finish in paint, the centre if to be finished in clear oil we understand

The dining table base is a pedestal drum effect which is to be painted by the client and which will match the edge banding of the table top.

We do hope the dinner matches the table it is served on!

Bespoke dining table by KPW Joinery Manufacturers

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