KPW Joinery Manufacturing offer kitchen cabinet refinishing / resurfacing, we only use the most durable paints available, most times we use a 2 part epoxy paint, which when dried, is the most versatile paint you could get for your kitchen, with over 40+ colours to choose from, pickled stain, wood stain, new handles, hinges, counter tops, can also be changed to give your kitchen a totally new look, for a quarter of the cost of a new kitchen installed. FREE site survey and estimate Contact us

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Are your cabinet doors showing their age?  Are the drawer boxes and slides not pulling out smoothly? Maybe you’re in need of a quick update before putting your home on the market. If your cabinets are in good solid condition and your happy with your layout then there is no need to replace.  On average up to 60% of the cabinets are in place. Drawer and handle hardware can be replaced with modern soft close concealed hinges. 

 We offer you the same kitchen accessories that you would normally have with a new kitchen design.  So there is no need to shop for box store prices when we can offer you solid advice. You deal with one person to get the right information. Even if you’re just looking, we want to give you the proper information when making your purchasing decision. 

When faced with a kitchen remodelling project, you have two major options for updating kitchen cabinets without installing new ones: refacing or replacing. Both projects can significantly boost the appearance and value of the kitchen, but many of the similarities end there.

Refacing typically consists of covering the exterior surfaces of your cabinets with new veneers, paints, Formica, mouldings and hardware. If your existing cabinets are solid wood, repainting or refinishing them with a new colour of paint or stain can also update their appearance. Some cabinets take well to a deeper stain, whereas others may need nothing more than a fresh coat of paint. Cleaning and refinishing cabinets doesn’t take a great deal of time, you would be surprised, our team fully protect your surrounding items, rooms etc so any dust does not escape, we also clean up after ourselves, Kitchen resurfacing is far less expensive than replacing the cabinets.

Cabinet refacing/refinishing pros:

• Reduced cost – kitchen cabinet refacing or refinishing can cost approximately 1/3 less than replacing all the cabinets and new kitchen installation cost also, saving you hundreds if not thousands of Pounds.

• No demolition of existing cabinets is required, which also mean less potential damage to walls

• Takes only a few days to complete depending on size and preparation prior to painting / staining.

Durability. Is the structure of the existing cabinets solid? If you have doubts about the overall condition of your cabinetry, Contact us and one of our team can help you determine whether you need more than the cosmetic a refacing would provide, this is free of charge.

Functionality. If you do not see any issues with your existing layout and would like to maintain the integrity of the design of your kitchen, refacing your cabinets may be the best choice. However, if you would prefer extra storage, more counter space or more flexible functions, call us and lets discus what options we can offer, new cabinets may be worth the extra investment in the long run.

Appearance. Are you replacing your kitchen appliances? Installing new counter-tops? If you have already committed to a significant investment in updating other parts of your kitchen, you may want to consult with KPW Developments first to determine if you would be better off with a complete renovation.

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Refinishing Wirral, contact us for a free site survey and quote

Cost.  If funds and time aren’t significant factors in your kitchen remodel, you may want to consider the additional options offered with replacements. The variety of new cabinetry is wide-ranging, with many selections available in both stock and custom offerings. However, if budget is a concern, refacing or refinishing your cabinets can save time and money during your remodel.

Cabinet refacing cost

Costs of refacing your cabinets can vary widely. Pay careful consideration to construction, door and drawer hardware, interior accessories and quality of materials. Also, while installing new cabinets can be a much lengthier and involved project than refacing, your access and use of the kitchen could still be extremely limited during the project.

The cost of refinishing cabinets for an average sized kitchen can start at about £300. Most new cabinet doors can start at about £10 each, though the price can rise significantly depending upon the type of wood you choose and the amount of craftsmanship required for each door. Framed doors often require the additional purchase of glass.

“Refacing / refinishing is usually half or even a third of the cost of a whole kitchen remodel,” Refacing can start at £1,000 to £3,000 and go up to £10,000 to £15,000 depending on the size of the kitchen and how elaborate the options the homeowner chooses.

Drawers can also receive a face-lift with new drawers or with drawer fronts. Prices for drawer fronts start at about £15. The cost of knobs and drawer pulls vary significantly. Expect to spend £2 to £10 per knob and £5 to £25 per drawer pull.

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Only the finest of paints are used in our kitchen resurfacing projects, all surfaces are cleaned, de-greased, sanded, 3 coats of primer, 2 to 3 top coats of finish paint, giving you a hard wearing, durable, long lasting finish, we use a 2 part epoxy paint for the final coats, which comes in different lustre, from egg shell to high gloss.

Some before and after pictures to give you ideas as to what can be achieved, new knobs, handles, hinges, trim, counter-tops, are just a few of the things that can be changed on a kitchen refurbishment by Painting Decorating Wirral.