Dave Wilson and KPW Joinery Manufacturing will bespoke any size shop front fascia that you may require, all the hard work is done in the workshop in the construction of the windows, framing and fascia work, then Dave Wilson and his team will deliver and install for you, matching wood designs, no problem, matching painted colour and stains, no problem, are you looking to replace your old worn heritage shop front, in need of repairs, cured from damp and destructive pests.

KPW Joinery Manufacturing will sit and guide you through their process from A to Z so let them take the project and bring it to you on time, and within your budget.

Learn more about the regulations for shop front fascias, this is just a rough guide, Dave Wilson will explain all the regulations with you and the planning department information for retail businesses, you can trust KPW Joinery Manufacturing to recreate old heritage, antique wood, have the old frames double glazed, there are a lot of choices these days, contact KPW Joinery Manufacturing and let Dave Wilson give his professional advice, along with his time served skills.

Download the shop front fascia guide PDF file HERE